Thank you.

For many years, this website has been the home of some amazing artists and their creations.
We are very thankful for your time, effort and enthusiasm.
McSchematics has decided it is best to shut down the website due to a lack of traffic and insufficient maintenance. As this meant the site was no longer a safe place to share and gather information/files, we feel it is our responsibility to take action by shutting it down.

A backup of the entire database, forum, and it's attachments (images / schematics) has been made and is safely stored offline. Before surrendering the server to our host, all data has been wiped.

If anyone is interested in reviving the project, and has the funding to do so, be sure to contact the owner (@BzUrQ) or admin (@censink_) on twitter.
(while passwords are already encrypted, they will be deleted before transfer)
@censink_ can be contacted if you have any questions. Though they are saved, I can not retreive a certain schematic.